Waiting for kids

What better topic for a first post than a birth? Right now I’m patiently – well, lmost patiently – waiting for our very first Nubian goat kids. Izzy – aka Inspiration – is due tomorrow, but she’s starting to pace and just might drop them an hour or two early.

Not that I’m truly worried – more anxious. We’re trying to get into this dairy goat thing slowly – which included buying a doe in milk (Mony Lisa, aka Money) last June and a dry first freshener – Izzy – a couple of days later. We’d hoped to get them bred earlier, but one thing led to another and it was early December before the girls decided to make a date with a handsome buck named Charlie. Even then, I’m told they were very coy. Still, there’s now two very pregnant does who have spent the last few days grunting and groaning and complaining that they can’t get comfortable. I wonder if they’ll be relieved to give birth?

Oh – if you find this post interesting, I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

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