Doe, doe, doe

Our second Nubian doe kidded with triplets! Unfortunately, her first kid was stillborn, but the next two came out alive and kicking. Both does, so with our first kid, that makes three lovely little doelings to add to our herd.

More importantly, they’re all good healthy babies with healthy appetites. We’re hand-raising the kids, so it’s been several days of feeding first every 2-3 hours, then 4 hours apart and now I’m down to 4 feedings a day.

Why hand raise? One, the kids bond to humans instead of their goat mamas. The first one learned to follow me almost immediately. Meanwhile, because I’m milking their mamas, I can make sure the does’ udders are healthy and free of infection or injury. Sometimes you need to pasturize the milk before feeding kids to prevent disease transmission, but we test our does for CAE, CL, Brucellosis and Johnes’ Disease. If the does are disease-free, you can feed the kids raw milk.

So now I can enjoy watching three little doelings playing in the sunshine. Somehow, that makes up for all the lost sleep.

About harnerfarm

We live in Oliver County, North Dakota, about 25 miles NW of the State Capitol. Our mini-farm is surrounded by trees and features a full complement of critters - Nubian goats, guinea fowl and a few dogs and cats, of course.
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